2007 Chinese Computer Games Championship & Conference

The information on this page was provided by Mark Winands.

The Chinese Computer Games Championship was held as part of the Chinese Computer Games Championship & Conference, from October 3rd to 8th, in Chongqing, China. This was the second Chinese Computer Games Championship; the first one was for Xiangqi (Chinese Chess), this one also included 9×9 Go, 19×19 Go, and Connect-6.

Each Go event was played as a Round Robin. For the 19×19 there were nine entrants, seven of them by different programmers; for the 9×9 there were six entrants, five of them by different programmers.

19×19 results

1HandTalk  111111118
1Beiyou 20  11111117
3GoStar00  1111116
4Beiyou 3000  111115
5Ocean0000  11114
6BitStronger00000  1113
7Beiyou 1000000  112
8Break0000000  11
9NineHeadBird00000000  0

9×9 results

1Beiyou 2  111115
1HandTalk0  11013
3GoStar00  1102
4Beiyou3000  112
5Break0100  12
6BitStronger00100  1

The results are also given, in Chinese, in a page in yoenix's blog, which appears to show 变形金刚 as the winner of both events.

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