2007 CGF Open

June 9th and 10th

University of Electro-Communications (UEC), Choful, Tokyo, Japan.

The rules were:
19x19, 40 minutes each.

There were 7 programs including GnuGo, which was a guest. GNU Go and Aya won the tournament each with a 5-1 score; GNU Go was placed first on tie-break. Thus GNU Go won the CGF Open for the fourth successive year.

"agouti" was a new program written by Kenichiro Yasuhara.

GNUGo 3.7.101011115-11
Kinoa Igo0000011-56

GnuGo was used with the following options:
gnugo.exe --mode gtp --never-resign

All the SGF records may be available, as a .ZIP file, from here or here.

This page was written using information provided by Hiroshi Yamashita.
There is an official Japanese page about the event.