The 2001 European Go Congress
Computer Go

The competition was held on August 1st. The sponsors, Fujitsu-Siemens, kindly provided ten Fujitsu Siemens Scenic D PCs, with PIII 1.0 Ghz processors, for the event. As this was greater than the number of entrants, it was possible to multi-task the slower programs, and complete an all-play-all within the day.

The rules used were

  • area ("Chinese") scoring
  • one hour each, sudden death
  • 6½ komi

Fujitsu-Siemens generously provided a prize of £IR100.00. This was won by GoAhead, and presented by a representative of Fujitsu-Siemens.

Program ProgrammerNationalityGAGGDRTGTSGSAUTotal
GoAheadGA  Peter WoitkeDE 1111116
GnuGoGG(Tanguy Urvoy) 0 111115
DariushDRFrédéric Boissac
Eric Marchand
FR00 11114
TurboGoTGArnoud van der LoeffNL000 1113
TS-GoTSIvo TonkesNL0000 112
GoSymierGSWojciech WieczorekPL00000 11
AugosAUJoachim PimiskermDE000000 0

GnuGo is being developed by the Free Software Foundation. It includes the work of many different authors from different countries. In this event it was represented by Tanguy Urvoy.

Records of all games are available in both Ishi (.go) and SGF format. The white player is given first in each filename. The directories also contain .zip files with all 21 game records.

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