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Future Computer Go Tournaments

This page lists events in which computer Go programs will compete against one another. For events in which they will compete against humans, see Human-computer results.

Event Date Place Comments Further information
ICGA July 9-13 Taiwan
2018 European Go Congress
July 27th - August 12th Pisa, Italy scheduled for Wednesday August 8th
2019 European Go Congress
July/August Brussels, Belgium No infomation

Notes on dates

The CGF Cup was once usually held in June.
The European Go Congress is usually held in late July and early August.
The North American Go Congress is usually held in August.
Ing Cups were traditionally held on, or including, November 11th, for numerological reasons favoured by Mr. Ing.
The Gifu Challenge became the World Computer Go Championship in 2006, and the UEC Cup from 2007.
The World Computer Shogi Championship is held in the period May 2nd-5th, and should be avoided by other events.

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