Hakone 2007

A small 9×9 Go tournament was held as part of the 2007 Game Programming Workshop, in Hakone, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. This was an informal evening event, other such events were shogi, 5×5 shogi, and a free drinks party.

There were six entrants, each pair playing each other twice. Chinese rules, with 7½ points komi, were used. Each player had minutes absolute time for each game..

Crazy Stone, by Rémi Coulom, was the undefeated winner, beating each of its opponents twice. GGMC Go, by Hideki Kato, won all its games except those against Crazy Stone. AyaMC, by Hiroshi Yamashita, won all its games except those against Crazy Stone and GGMC Go. Katsunari by Shin'ich Sei, and Casablanca by Jun Li, lost all their games against the above-named programs, and each beat the other once and Boozer, by Chihiro Hashimoto, twice.

Crazy Stone and GGMC Go are both UCT-based, and both ran on Intel 4 x 1 Q6600 3GHz systems. AyaMC is a UCT-based derivative of Aya; it ran on an AMD 4 x 2 Opteron system, but it had some problem with this and after its first game it used only four of the eight cores. Katsunari is a "classical" (non-MC) program, it ran on a laptop. Casablanca and Boozer are both UCT-based programs, still under develpoment; both ran on laptops.

The information on this page is from a report by Hideki Kato.

List of computer Go tournament results.