1988 Usenix

The fifth annual Usenix Computer Go Championship was held as part of the Usenix summer meeting in San Francisco, on June 28th 1988.

There were five entrants.

G2.25 and G2.5, both by David Fotland, were to evolve into Cosmos, and then into Many Faces of Go. G2.25 was configured to use almost all the time available; G2.5's time usage was configured more conservatively, as in the version available on PCs.

Goo and goog were by Peter Langston. Goog was like Goo but followed a mirror startegy for as long as possible.

Goanna was by Bruce Ellis. It used pattern-matching and was very fast.

The winner was G2.25, winning all its games.
Second was G2.5, losing only to the above.
Third was goo, losing only to both the above.
Fourth was goog, losing only to all the above.
Fifth was Goanna.

A Japanese amateur shodan at the tournament played against the entrants, and said that G2 was between 9 and 12 kyu. He played both with the parameter set to 5 and to 50, and said its level of play didn't change much.

Most of this information was originally provided by David Fotland, who received it from ucbvax!research!rob.
It is confirmed and supplemented by Computer Go, No. 7, pages. 10-11,

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