Go Servers that support Go-playing bots

Some Go servers encourage Go-playing programs, or "bots", to play on them. This has various advantages for the programmer: The costs to the programmer are these:

CGOS (Computer Go Server, or Computer Go On-line Server) is a server for the exclusive use of bots. It handles all the scheduling of games, you simply connect your program and games get scheduled automatically, and rated. Initially only 9×9 games were being played, now there is also a 19×19 version. The games are stored on the server and available for download in SGF format. To use it, your bot must support GTP, and you need its bot-client, available via the above link.

BoardSpace is an NNGS clone built specifically for programs to play on. It has seen little activity since the appearance of CGOS, and the BoardSpace Blog has vanished.

Some other servers, operated mainly for humans but allowing bots to play, are

The connection method for BoardSpace should also apply for NNGS clones, and maybe for IGS, LGS, and WING.

For KGS, the process is described here.