1998 Ing Computer Goe Congress

Sponsored by

Ing Chang-Ki Weiqi Educational Foundation

and by

Hendon College


The 1998 Ing Computer Goe Cup is being held in London, England on Saturday November 21st and Sunday November 22nd.

It will be hosted by the British Go Association.

Here are the results.

Here are some items of press interest.

A playing room with 266MHz pentium-based PCs has been provided by Hendon College, which is described briefly here, and more fully on their own web site. The British Go Association are very grateful for this.

Any program of sufficient strength may enter, subject to the organisers' discretion. Each participant should send a copy of their program (by email, or on a disk) in advance to the organisers, so that they can assess its strength, and test its interface. They promise that they will not allow any other persond to have access to the program, and that they will return it. A program submitted in this way may be replaced by a stronger version of the same program before the competition itself.

Here are the rules governing the competition. Programs are strongly urged to support the Go modem protocol. The time allocation system is likely to be disadvantageous to programs which do not support this protocol.

An author of a program may enter it without being able to attend in person. He may appoint as representative another person who is able to attend: this person will then be responsible for the running of the program. Alternatively the author may appoint the organisers of the tournament to run the program. They will make reasonable endeavours to run it correctly, but cannot accept responsibility if they fail in this.

Participants are expected to arrive by the evening of Friday 20th, and to remain until after the prize-giving ceremony on Sunday evening: see timetable. We hope to provide an evening meal in a restaurant in Hendon on the Friday evening, to welcome them to the event. It will be up to participants to arrange their own accommodation. Hotel and B&B accommodation are available nearby in Hendon. How to find Hendon College Grahame Park Road site, and the Yaohan Plaza.

The Ing Foundation is providing prizes, and half of the cost of air travel for some competitors. Seventeen programs have entered.

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